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Imke Courtois
Action between 00:29 and 00:41
Posted by Dinand on 2018-06-18 17:13:39
Kenzie Nimmo
She is barefoot the whole time
Posted by StiltMan on 2018-06-18 14:08:14
Kenzie Nimmo
13:01 feet are visible
Posted by StiltMan on 2018-06-18 13:56:05
Kim Dickens
This beauty hasn't even aged a bit.
Posted by Revenger on 2018-06-18 03:44:02
Caroline Jackson
A lot of guys might not be attracted to the Caroline Jackson that's in this clip but I enjoy it because those toes belong to the beautiful thing I saw in the "Show Me" video.
Posted by nhornack on 2018-06-18 00:10:06
Caroline Jackson
Caroline Jackson (now known as Caroline Esposito) is the one at the back when the girls are on the surfboard. Margo Urban was the one in the middle and Angel Mercado was the one in the front.
Posted by nhornack on 2018-06-17 23:55:01
Caroline Jackson
She's the third one having her makeup applied and she's the one who's usually on the left when the girls are dancing. If you ask me, she was quite a looker. Get a good look at her at 0:27, 0:33 and 0:41. Wow. The foot shots are at 2:19 and 3:08. The beautiful black girl is named Sunshine Wright. She was replaced by the goddess known as Margo Urban.
Posted by nhornack on 2018-06-17 23:50:56
Margo Urban
Margo Urban is the one in the middle when they were on the surfboard. The one on the back of the surfboard was named Caroline Jackson (now Caroline Esposito) and the petite one is named Angel Mercado.
Posted by nhornack on 2018-06-17 21:44:45
The view gets good around 2:00 and at 4:15 the camera zooms in on her sexy heels and feet!
Posted by balloonis on 2018-06-17 21:16:46
Deborah Secco
Posted by brasilguy on 2018-06-17 15:49:27
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