News 2018-01-28

Welcome to the new wikiFeet Homepage,
The new layout can accomodate fun widgets such as weekly polls, random pictures, featured videos and such.
New and exciting features are coming: Discussion boards will be added soon, and the first wikiFeet article is just about ready.
Stay tuned for more!

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Poll results:
Natural vs. Painted toes

I like natural toes better
I like painted toes better

Feet of the day

Janelle Ginestra

Feet of the week

Connie Franklin

Random gallery

Anita E.

Uploaded by swsan

Alia Bhatt 19 seconds ago
Aditi Rao Hydari 1 minute ago
Mallika Sherawat 2 minutes ago

Uploaded by Silver89

Jennifer Jason Leigh 43 seconds ago
Alessandra Ambrosio 5 minutes ago
Giulia Provvedi 1 hour ago
Yendry Fiorentino 19 minutes ago

Uploaded by Shivrez

Marlene Lufen 3 minutes ago
Angela Finger-Erben 4 minutes ago
Mina Tander 2 hours ago
Jessica Paszka 2 hours ago

Uploaded by Roger71

Cristina Chiabotto 5 minutes ago

Uploaded by iLovePALMAS

Giulia Provvedi 18 minutes ago
Rajae Bezzaz 15 hours ago
Valentina Pegorer 17 hours ago

Uploaded by [email protected]

Aditi Govitrikar 30 minutes ago
Pragya Jaiswal 51 minutes ago
Aashika Bhatia 1 hour ago
Banita Sandhu 3 hours ago

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