The Ethics of wikiFeet

wikiFeet is a fan site, allowing users to create pages for their favorite celebs. However we cannot ignore the fact that some celebs would not feel comfortable being featured in a foot oriented site. This issue needs to be addressed, as the proper balance will ensure the survival of the site for years to come. Before creating a new page, please ask yourself if the celebrity will be ok with being on wikiFeet. Have they ever mentioned our community? How do they feel about people who are into feet? Use your discretion, and if you don't have a clear answer, please try to reach the celeb and politely ask for their permission. wikiFeet is a strong community regardless of the number of galleries it has. Let us do right by the people we dedicate pages to. Please remember that once you create a wikiFeet gallery it is under your responsibility, and copyright claims may lead to the revocation of your uploading privileges.

Site Rules

  • All pictures must have been shared by their respective owners for free. TV/Movie/VoD screenshots are protected under Fair Use.
  • The celebrity must have been over 18 and with everyone reasonably covered when pictures were taken. Censoring adult content is not allowed. Underage subjects must be completely cropped out.
  • All pictures must show the celebrity's arch(es), sole(s) or toe(s) without opaque shoes and socks.
  • Unmodified pictures are preferred, except for removing usernames/message logs/underage subjects.
  • All pictures must be limited to a total of twelve per event and have the celebrity's feet in different positions.
  • When reporting duplicates, don't rely on upload dates or resolution numbers and check the actual visual quality of those pictures.
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