Dating platform update 2021-05-12

Development is going well. I’d like to thank everyone (guys and girls) who shared with me their opinions, suggestions and concerns. You’ve been a great help and motivator. In order for the platform to be more inviting, I’ve decided to put less emphasis on the foot fetish aspect, while still helping foot lovers in their quest to find feet.. hrm.. I mean love :) As one of the features on the platform, users would be able to specify how they feel about people who are into feet. Sweet and simple. Admittedly, I have genuine concerns about launching this project. Dating platforms are often misused and cause people harm, I wouldn’t want that on my conscience. In order to better the safety and security of people using the platform, I’m going to implement certain features that not everybody is going to like. For example, each profile will need to be verified by the system using a photo ID card (which will only be used for the purpose of identifying you and will not be visible to the public). That way we can make sure the person in the photos is really who he/she says they are. In terms of price, while in beta the platform will be completely free. Once the platform properly launches it will cost $10 a month, with beta testers receiving extra 3 months of subscription for free. After the platform launches to the public, anyone would be able to respond to chat invites for free, but to initiate a chat you’d need the paid subscription. The platform will be available worldwide in both app and web form. Lastly, I haven’t decided on a name yet! I like but unfortunately it’s already taken. Also, the name doesn’t need to reference feet necessarily. If you have any suggestions please let me know. If you’re interested in joining the beta, please fill in the form below to get a special invite once the beta launches in your region.
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