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Valerie Stup
Posted by GregFox1990 on 2022-07-04 08:53:32
Courtney Khondabi
Courtney foot modeling, like the legend she is in that arena.
Posted by HailFootsie on 2022-07-04 07:05:15
Sandra Itzel
from esta historia me suena
Posted by fancinderella on 2022-07-03 22:30:15
Minja Miletic
Posted by Butch5 on 2022-07-03 17:05:10
Jane Treacy
4:00-15:00, but Viewer Discretion Advised 6:40-7:20 the grossest sight you will ever see in your life from model Angela shaving her hooves! I promise you it will be the most repulsive sight your eyes will ever see, so only dare to view if you have an iron stomach! My roommates and I were practically hanging over the garbage pails puking our brains out!
Posted by HailFootsie on 2022-07-03 08:43:42
Jessimae Peluso
49:56. wrong shoe size. She looks at her page here.
Posted by StiltMan on 2022-07-03 04:36:00
Shawn Killinger
Another Spa-Rific video. This one is mainly Shawn showing her sole. Also featured in closeup is model Angela Izzo. Meghan Murray is back in-studio, but there's not much of her to be seen here.
Posted by Chumpyman on 2022-07-02 15:42:29
Meghan Murray
A Spa-Rific video featuring Kerstin Lindquist and Meghan Murray. Nice to see Meghan back in studio.
Posted by Chumpyman on 2022-07-02 14:51:37
Kerstin Lindquist
A Spa-Rific foot-cleaning video featuring Kerstin and Meghan Murray who's back in studio to help out.
Posted by Chumpyman on 2022-07-02 14:48:15
Idalie Samad
Commercial, feet can be seen from 0:08 - 0:18
Posted by Keysole on 2022-07-02 09:56:42
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