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A.J. Cook
Back Fork video
Posted by John72 on 2019-04-17 12:33:05
Sabrina Carpenter
I could kill this cameraman.
Check out the beginning of this interview.
This is insane and i assume the whole interview is like this, if the cameraman left the camera low!!!
Posted by balloonis on 2019-04-16 21:21:38
Haruka Shimazaki

Posted by Acchan on 2019-04-16 13:16:12
Shelley Hack
@alinova Here you go, Bud. Knock yourself out. Thanks for telling us about this movie. I probably wouldn't have heard of it if you didn't mention it on this wall.

The shots of the the beautiful Shelley Hack's feet (assuming they're hers) appear at 25:12, 25:30 and 25:47.

There are bonus shots of another young actress named Tara Buckman. They appear at 5:27, 6:17 and 6:37.

It would be really cool if someone could get some screen caps from this movie and post them in this gallery. I'd gladly do it myself if I knew how but, of course, I don't. The movie is titled Death Car on the Freeway.
Posted by johnnyjoan on 2019-04-16 08:20:59
Robin Wall
A couple great shots of my absolute favorite hosts beautiful feet in sandals. Hopefully we'll get some bare instances come summer.
Posted by Dangerboy450 on 2019-04-15 21:38:23
Lynn Murphy
Lynn barefoot once again in tbe middle of the vid.
Posted by sffan on 2019-04-15 16:04:03
Shelley Long (I)
Watch at 0:37, 1:38 and 3:10.
Posted by johnnyjoan on 2019-04-14 04:34:50
Konstadina Evripidou
Posted by Adriano99 on 2019-04-13 13:37:41
Konstadina Evripidou
Posted by Adriano99 on 2019-04-13 13:35:27
Konstadina Evripidou
Posted by Adriano99 on 2019-04-13 13:33:07
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