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Amy Stran
At 9:08, there's a closeup of Amy's feet of the sandals she's wearing in that show, but beforehand she tried on a red shoe and at 4:58 she removes it and while no closeup, she stays half-barefoot for more than a minute
Posted by Rick N Roll on 2019-09-23 21:53:12
Amy Stran
Some old stuff of Amy (more than a couple of years ago). She tries on red sandals; closeup at 2:34 and quickly again at 2:46; at 3:52 her feet are shown close again and also 6:27. Around 6:51 she does a color switch with her left foot
Posted by Rick N Roll on 2019-09-23 21:40:28
Rachel Boesing
Closeups of Rachel's foot- 1:52, 3:03, 7:50; bonus feet of Meghan Murray with closeups at- 3:21, 4:51, 6:14
Posted by Rick N Roll on 2019-09-23 21:15:00
Meghan Murray
I said it when I first posted of a video of Meghan earlier that there is a lot of stuff out there and I can't help but to keep posting though I swear I'll take a little break, lol! This video however I definitely wanted on here. Around the 2:37 mark is when Meghan steps out to model; several seconds later her feet are shown in close view; starting at 3:37, she is being cute using the green paper flip flop to show off on her foot (I personally love from 3:50-3:54) and another closeup is shown right after
Posted by Rick N Roll on 2019-09-23 20:21:58
Meghan Murray
Closeups at 2:09, 3:51, and 5:35
Posted by Rick N Roll on 2019-09-23 20:05:57
Sally Combs
Happy to see that I'm the first to post a video involving Sally (unless there were any videos before that got removed). Closeups at 4:30, 5:48, and especially around 7:52 when she demonstrates how to remove the shoe and then put it back on. Specifically around the 8 minute mark is when she briefly has her right foot shoeless
Posted by Rick N Roll on 2019-09-23 19:48:28
Meghan Murray
At 1:54 when Meghan starts showing off the Pedi Couture flip flops; once again uses a paper flip flop (a yellow one); changes colors from blue to black; great closeups of Meghan's feet (and the models too)
Posted by Rick N Roll on 2019-09-23 19:28:34
Meghan Murray
At 1:41 is where the good stuff starts to happen; awesome closeups especially when Meghan has a little fun with the green paper flip flop. Stacey Stauffer wears the Pedi Couture flip flops too but no closeups of her feet though
Posted by Rick N Roll on 2019-09-23 19:13:49
Gabrielle Kerr
While I know I should put this more on Meghan Murray's page, I could post a lot of other videos on her page and not much of Gabrielle when it comes to videos. I just love the fact that even though she doesn't use the product much this time around, Gabrielle is half-barefoot again. Yet sadly no closeups of her but there are of Meghan at 1:33 (and this lasts for way over a minute) and at 5:42
Posted by Rick N Roll on 2019-09-23 18:51:55
Meghan Murray
Closeups at 1:38, 3:02, 6:13, 8:16, and 8:59
Posted by Rick N Roll on 2019-09-23 18:06:17
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