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Ali Carr
Ali's feet in sandals with closeup at 5:32
Posted by Rick N Roll on 2021-05-16 16:47:59
Joss Stone
Screenshots were taken from this video:

16:00 19:30
Posted by sarcofagowormrot on 2021-05-16 07:44:38
Débora Lamm
Scenes from "Amor de Mãe"
Posted by Strada on 2021-05-15 16:54:34
Natalia Mogollon
Posted by fookie on 2021-05-15 14:15:11
Montana De La Rosa
Sock strip at the beginning (about 5 seconds in).
Posted by slave2soles on 2021-05-14 23:19:36
Ashley Argota Torres
I love her soles
Posted by pocasoreta on 2021-05-14 21:38:08
Montana De La Rosa
Lots of WMMA foot action here.
Posted by slave2soles on 2021-05-14 15:16:33
Montana Stewart
Lots of great clips of her soles/toes throughout this video. Also, you can get occasional glimpses of her beautiful high-heeled feet under the desk, too bad that stupid annoying onscreen graphic gets in the way some of the time.
Posted by slave2soles on 2021-05-14 14:30:43
Mary C. DeAngelis
Mary DeAngelis decided to do something funny. She sits on the floor takes off her shoes while showing off some Soulgani leggings. Obviously, I'm okay with that type of thing. In fact, for my money, I wouldn't mind if that was the default way QVC hosts show leggings.
Posted by Chumpyman on 2021-05-13 19:44:12
Malu Galli
Scenes from "Amor de Mãe"
Posted by Strada on 2021-05-13 17:07:08
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