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Lilah Gibney
Posted by BigBud98 on 2023-05-11 23:18:02
Ashly Schwan
Posted by BigBud98 on 2023-05-11 23:17:44
Karol G

There are a lot of great barefoot shots in this video!
Posted by BigBud98 on 2023-05-11 22:41:20
Margot Robbie
#BarbieFootgate has officially been solved. Director Tim Gunn makes reference to an attempt to scam the public with Margot's foot only to be a foot stunt double. Thankfully, it was nixed and its really Margot's feet in Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.

It solves the Barbie movie controversy about a foot stunt double in the trailer, as well. Margot knows of all of us and wouldn't allow such a cinematic criminal offense to occur. Bless her and what she can do with those feet (11:30-13:30) to hear was she says, beyond amazing!
Posted by HailFootsie on 2023-05-11 16:02:34
Day Mesquita
Scenes from "Amor sem Igual"
Posted by Strada on 2023-05-11 15:02:46
Sandra Bennett
Sandra toe teasing while modeling denim
Posted by HailFootsie on 2023-05-10 22:21:25
Cate Blanchett
Cate & Nina.
Posted by Harryhaller420 on 2023-05-10 18:48:30
Kim Kardashian
From Season 11 episode 13 of Keeping Up with the Kardashian. Kim (while pregnant) was wearing high heeled boots without socks and when she is home she ask her sister to remove her boots, one of her boots is removed off screen but we do see her other boot removed revealing her puffy swollen barefeet and her toes are pained her usual light pink.
Posted by Popeyes420 on 2023-05-10 17:53:59
Sydnie Wells

More barefoot shots
Posted by BigBud98 on 2023-05-10 16:41:10
LaĆ­s Rodrigues Caldas
Part 2
Posted by Strada on 2023-05-10 14:41:25
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