Aaliyah (I)

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Shoe Size: 7 US edit
Birthplace: United States edit
Birth Date: 1979-01-16 edit
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User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 03/2017
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛8
2018-05-15 17:39:39
This would have been a great picture to crop
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 10/2012
High Knight (Level 5)Trusted UploaderModerator♛88
2019-01-15 17:10:25
Nah, the Dude's savvy
Member since 06/2017
High Knight (Level 5)♛109
2022-10-22 04:31:48
Jealous? :D
Member since 03/2020
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛24
2022-10-22 04:44:13
The dude looks happy and I personally sport the same haircut. 😂
Member since 02/2024
2024-02-11 00:57:57
cropped just like your display picture
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
toe ring lover
Member since 12/2019
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)
2024-01-16 14:02:10
Happy Birthday Aaliyah. You were beautiful and you wore beautiful toe rings too.♥ Rest in Heavenly Peace angel.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 10/2021
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛35
2024-01-16 02:01:00
Happy 45th heavenly birthday Aaliyah💜
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 04/2017
2023-11-05 17:27:17
What a damn shame. We were robbed.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Arch Ally
Member since 07/2022
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛9
2022-08-17 08:38:16
Rest easy, Goddess. Deserves a Gorgeous rating immediately, they are without flaw.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 02/2021
2022-10-05 04:20:41
Agree 1000%.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 03/2011
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)♛1
2023-06-10 07:10:58
OK, I know this has nothing to do with anything but! Just watching Unleashed, and then running across this picture? Weird coincidence? Or just how my life can be?
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 10/2021
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛35
2023-10-11 19:56:38
@Arch Ally I couldn’t agree more
Member since 08/2010
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛101
2023-10-11 20:06:04
Count me in on that for sure....
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 03/2011
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)♛1
2023-06-10 07:07:59
Cute woman, nice feet, but those ain’t no 7’s!
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 10/2021
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛35
2023-03-20 16:34:46
Forever a beauty queen ❤️
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 12/2016
2021-09-10 11:53:05
This pic is so erry. Only a couples months away from when she passed
Member since 11/2018
High Knight (Level 5)♛75
2021-09-10 12:49:50
It errs on the side of eerie
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 04/2021
2022-11-20 22:53:29
The pictures of her feet by the poolside were DAYS before her death.
Member since 06/2021
2021-11-08 17:31:23
RIP beautiful ❤️
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 11/2010
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛11
2021-10-17 21:23:03
Such a heart breaking tragedy. RIP beautiful lady...
Member since 06/2012
2021-07-04 15:48:05
All I can say is Beautiful !!!
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 04/2017
2021-05-16 21:43:21
My lord!! We were robbed!
Member since 03/2018
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛11
2021-01-19 23:54:14
A beautiful, talented woman, with beautiful feet. Could have gone so very far -- but her legacy is legendary now. Happy 42nd birthday in heaven -- RIP almost 20 years.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 04/2011
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛9
2015-10-17 00:51:27
These Feets should be rated Gorgeous, but the Fact she's not White is the only reason their not..! Which is Ashame... Plunder & Pillage The Village...
Member since 05/2013
Trusted Uploader♛20
2015-10-17 00:56:07
I'd love to see your proof. I've heard alot of absurd things here, but that remark just may take the cake. You sir are a race baiter.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 04/2011
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛9
2015-10-17 01:42:02
@Kranz let me assure you that is not my intent.. But as always the Truth usually does insight controversy. I've looked & just have not seen 1young lady that isn't White Latin or Asian with a Gorgeous rating! If you look though out all my Comments no matter what Color she is if they have Pretty Feets then I don't mind telling it! But when it comes to the Darker Color Women I see not 1with a Gorgeous Rating!!! Not 1! That's not a Coincidence it's the Truth... I've been on this website awhile & I love all my Wikifeet Brothers, I just thought it needed 2b said, because when you really look at it the System is Definitely Flawed.. But as always I Respect your comment & I definitely don't wanna be look at as something I'm not I just wish we all could be fair in our Judgment rather than being Provincial minded about our Ratings & Love For Feets.
Member since 05/2013
Trusted Uploader♛20
2015-10-17 01:58:36
@FJK- I would imagine that you feel this way about everything. You've just accused everyone here of being racist. You're ignorant and insulting, and I want nothing more to do with you. Good day.
Member since 09/2014
Guild Knight (Level 4)Trusted Uploader♛12
2015-10-17 02:10:47
It's got nothing to do with colour, And everything to do with algorithm, how famous they are, how young they are, and how often pictures are posed, and the quality of pictures posed.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 04/2011
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛9
2015-10-17 02:37:19
@Kranz that's your Prerogative & you have every rite to feel anyway you please, but I do to & if the Shoe fits! I've never directly accused anyone with anything but like I said I Respect your Comments & if I felt the way you do rite now I would have left this website long ago. But I know that there are Good people here you being one of them. I just think we see things differently about this Particular subject & I can agree to peacefully disagree.
@Visualizer I think your Comment was more where I was taking this Conversation not to say Everybody on this Site is Racist cause that's just not True!
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 02/2014
Guild Knight (Level 4)Trusted Uploader♛7
2016-03-19 15:09:15
I'm interested in this topic because it comes up a lot on the walls. Please be specific. Which Black woman are "criminally under raked"? Aaliyah is ranked "Beautiful". Unfortunately she died prematurely therefore a lot of the members here are just unfamiliar with her. That would affect her overall rating.
Member since 06/2013
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛5
2019-01-15 18:22:10
This page has been getting some recent comments, and I'm just glad I scrolled down to see this convo... I'm bringing this back up to say THANK YOU @Footj*bKing and @prityricky1 for having some sense, and being honest about what goes on on this site. A lot of times I feel I'm the only to notice/be outraged by the prejudice against Black women's feet! It's just not right...
Member since 12/2009
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)♛2
2019-02-24 14:36:19
That-s bullshit. This site is bad in many ways, but look at Aya Hirano's feet. Fucking perfect, but not famous enough. Aaliyah had already passed away when this site rocketed.
Member since 12/2018
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)♛1
2019-02-24 16:47:31
Sydney Park, you said not one, but she has a gorgeous rating.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 04/2017
2019-03-06 16:38:03
I also feel this way. I’m white and even I see that Black Women don’t get the respect they deserve on this site.
Member since 05/2010
Guild Knight (Level 4)♛18
2019-03-06 16:58:28
I've looked at a lot, and I mean a lot. And in my experience, most black women don't have good feet.
User rated ★★★(ok feet)
Member since 03/2014
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)
2019-05-10 14:07:09
Ugly is ugly regardless of the feet, so all those comments about race and rating are idiotic. And I'd say rarely black women have nice to beautiful feet, I find such more often to Indians (from India) who're rather dark/black as well. And if you think this is racist opinion - well, Asian women tend to have very pretty feet.

Aalyiah's feet are ok, nice in a way, but far from gorgeous or beautiful.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 12/2009
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)♛1
2019-05-19 02:21:12
I think she is gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous. He feet are pretty but not as pretty as the rest of her. That said she has too few of ratings to get the gorgeous rating, she has a lot of beautiful ratings but it doesn't bump up to gorgeous until it hits a higher number. Seeing as though there aren't a lot of pics of her and that she died years ago, she's forgotten. If more people saw the page she would probably bump up to gorgeous.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 12/2016
2019-12-19 16:52:35
Let’s not forget Karruche Tran
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 12/2016
2019-12-19 16:52:59
Karruche Tran
Member since 05/2011
Guild Knight (Level 4)♛31
2021-01-19 20:42:23
You lost me at about Chapter 14 of your novel.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Ye Olde Doc
Member since 08/2019
High Knight (Level 5)Trusted Uploader♛78
2021-01-19 21:54:22
some people though Marilyn Monroe had 6 toes... absurd stuff ... based on poor photos
Member since 07/2011
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛5
2021-01-19 22:23:11
"...being honest about what goes on on this site."

"...Black Women don’t get the respect they deserve on this site."

I'll go out on a limb here and say this site is for users to express their appreciation (or lack thereof) for celebrity feet. YOU DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TO DICTATE OTHER PEOPLES' OPINIONS. If you're that sensitive about it, remove yourself from the situation, but don't ever try to tell others what their opinion should be.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 09/2010
2020-09-30 22:16:57
One of the most beautiful women ever. Such a shame to lose her at such a young age. I really looked forward to seeing her in more movies.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 06/2017
2020-01-16 11:27:07
Sexy from head to toes!
Member since 06/2016
2019-03-10 23:09:14
She Was So Hott!
Member since 05/2015
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)♛1
2019-01-15 16:39:31
Member since 03/2013
Guild Knight (Level 4)♛41
2018-03-01 19:08:53
@TARO: No judgement but either your fixxed on sumthin or that’s the only English you Know.

Just in case the latter “ TOERING” DUDE
Member since 03/2013
Guild Knight (Level 4)♛41
2018-03-01 19:09:16
Cowabunion and away
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Taro Mochi
Member since 03/2016
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛13
2018-03-01 18:09:58
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