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Lucy Lawless

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Shoe Size: 10.5 US edit
Nationality: New Zealand edit
Rating stats (817 total votes)

 (nice feet)
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more info37 pictures were removed from this gallery.

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2015-02-26 20:23:05Adas118  (user)
What is this movie called?
Block user
  Mr Hate  (guild knight)  -  rated (ok feet)2015-02-26 20:32:38
Not a movie but TV series called Xena - Warrior Princess.
Block user
Adas118  (user)2015-03-01 19:31:27
Thanks a lot. I thought so:-) Do you know the title/number of this episode and the season number?
Block user
Adas118  (user)2015-03-01 21:20:33
Ok. I found it. This scene is from Destiny episode.
Block user
2015-02-27 11:13:43gjm180  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
This scene always turned me on getting to see her feet on screen
Block user
2014-07-23 02:22:40foothoe  (user)  -  rated (bad feet)
5 stars really? Peoples standards have slipped a lot.
Block user
kukumuku  (user)  -  rated (ugly feet)2014-09-05 17:08:10
that's right.
Block user
kf1500  (user)2014-12-30 11:35:18
+1 star is for her being so hot and a very nice person I guess.
Block user
2014-09-21 05:41:10  BackInBlack60  (guild knight)
@ega- SPARTACUS!!! Yay.

Love me some Lucy Lawless. Love the dominatrix photo; don't recall if it's in this gallery or not (I think so).

"I... am... Spartacus!"
Block user
2014-09-21 05:14:40ega069  (user)  -  rated (bad feet)
What A sexy mature woman, She looks better now than she did on xena worrier princes. "Spartacus!!!"
Block user
2014-07-18 03:58:08ega069  (user)  -  rated (bad feet)
Lucy still as pretty as she was in her Xena days. looks like she mess up her feet with A lifetime of wearing pointy or peep toe shoes.
Block user
2014-06-18 18:35:11Smoothsole  (user)  -  rated (bad feet)
Way too big in size and i dont like the shape of her big toe..........not for me
Block user
2014-06-18 18:31:18PeetyFeety32  (user)
if only this girl had perfect feet then ms. lawless would be simply flawless
Block user
2014-04-30 22:25:20GEMINISTALLION74  (user)
Not even catholic and I want to go to confession after looking at this
Block user
2013-07-25 02:50:40DavidKashfi  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Sorry the clip didn't get posted the first time. This clip I have attached is from the beginning of Lucy's 2005 tv movie "Locusts." When she is laying on the bed you can see her feet in the background especially her right one. You can see her right foot has a great shape to it (as do both her feet) and is very sexy. Great shapely thighs and figure too.
Block user
2012-09-15 01:45:47DavidKashfi  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Here Lucy is barefoot in Coffee Talk 2, which I believe was filmed in June 2002 or at the latest July 2002.
Block user
2012-09-15 01:42:42DavidKashfi  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Lucy is barefoot in this Coffee Talk 5 video on youtube filmed for the official Xena Fanclub in February 2006. If you watch it you can now and then catch a glimpse of her sexy feet. As well, she is actually also barefoot I believe in Coffee Talk 3 filmed in September 2004, but unfortunately the camera did not show her feet. If it had, we would have had a relatively close image of her feet to look at. Its possible that Lucy believes her feet are large as in Coffee Talk 3 she says that she can wrap her feet around a tree trunk or something like that. I believe she wears size 10 shoes, so anyway her feet are in proportion to her height of nearly or perhaps approximately five ten. She is definitely barefoot in Coffee Talks 1 and 2, and someone has posted the link to Coffee Talk 1 here. In Coffee Talk 6 she is wearing socks.
Block user
2012-01-21 14:01:45archesnsoles  (user)
sole scene at around 1:25
Block user
2012-01-12 22:29:15Foot_Seeker_From_Poland  (user)
A lot of bottom shots.
Block user
2011-04-08 23:51:25iluvcelebfeet2  (user)
slideshow of her sexy feet
Block user