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Ali Fedotowsky

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Shoe Size: 10 US edit
Nationality: United States edit
Rating stats (248 total votes)

 (beautiful feet)
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more info9 pictures were removed from this gallery.

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2014-04-19 18:55:48  BackInBlack60  (guild knight)  -  rated (nice feet)
@FSFF> "...they don't even look long."

But I'm gonna!
Maybe ten, fifteen minutes' worth!-->
Block user
  BackInBlack60  (guild knight)  -  rated (nice feet)2014-11-07 16:42:51
Another one of my "Top 10 All-Time Fave Pics on Wikifeet."

Hope @Smoothie saw this one.
Block user
2014-06-07 00:12:45  BackInBlack60  (guild knight)  -  rated (nice feet)
Always love this girl's feet. Awesome arches & tantalizing toes!
Block user
2014-04-28 13:13:32FiveStarFeetFan  (user)  -  rated (nice feet)
No way she's bigger than a size 8.
Block user
2014-04-20 00:52:52  tweety  (guild knight)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
@BiB60 I was always told "proper" English is the hardest language to learn with so many rules and regulations!!H*ll I know being born and raised here in U.S. and brought up speaking English to this day I still don't speak it "properly"!! When I was in school years ago English was always a hard subject I always thought to myself "I am speaking and you understanding what I'm saying so why do I have to speak following these rules and regulations" !!! As OZZY says @ the end of "Crazy Train" "it's a bitch" :) LOL
Block user
2014-04-20 00:13:35  BackInBlack60  (guild knight)  -  rated (nice feet)
@ILF - Thanks, spoken from painful trial-and-error experience! And yes, I do 'know' the difference between 'no' and 'know' but blew it in that post, and didn't see it until just now, too late to edit. Discount English degree; you get what you pay for.
Block user
2014-04-19 20:58:18  Iluvfeet  (guild knight)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
@ BiB - great wisdom in your words!
Block user
2014-04-19 20:25:28  BackInBlack60  (guild knight)  -  rated (nice feet)
@ILF - There is *no* correct answer to that question. Pretend you didn't hear it and/or change the subject, then run away. If you're brave or trapped in the room, about the best you can do is, "You always look wonderful!" with no dangerous qualifiers like "...to me" which can open a new can of worms. You sure don't want to say, "I love you know matter what!" Nooooo. Yours will get stuff like, "Are you sure?" or "You're *lying* to me, dammit!" or "Whaddya mean, in *those* jeans? Do I look FAT to you other times?!?!" It's a conundrum, a Gordian knot, and a no-win scenario. Easier to look at 'em here at a safe distance!

Block user
2014-04-19 20:05:51  Iluvfeet  (guild knight)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
@all - repeat after me, "honey, of course you don't look fat in those jeans."
Block user
2014-04-19 19:27:4654  (user)
If a Girl/Lady asks that, they KNOW
They're not a size 1! Don't fall for it!!
Block user
2014-04-19 19:03:56  BackInBlack60  (guild knight)  -  rated (nice feet)
@ILF- They're lying. Size *does* matter, in all realms, especially to them.

"Honey, do these jeans make me look fat?"

[Cue Admiral Akbar: "IT'S A TRAP!"]

(Wrong answer: "No, dear, it's your *big ass* that makes you look fat!")

Block user
2014-04-19 18:59:59  Iluvfeet  (guild knight)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
@BiB - how can celebs, or any woman for that matter hate their big feet, when they always claim, "size doesn't matter". ;-)
Block user
2014-04-19 18:32:09FiveStarFeetFan  (user)  -  rated (nice feet)
5 foot 7 and is a size 10?!......that just doesn't sound right and they don't even look long.
Block user
2014-03-23 19:47:48  BackInBlack60  (guild knight)
Only @warpedmind know for sure.
But yeah, I'll believe a 10 if she says so--->
Whatever size, they're hott!
Block user
2014-03-23 19:31:46Jewce24  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
It is wrong, she is a size 10. She mentioned it on E! News.
Block user
2014-02-25 17:32:09sterne  (trusted uploader)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
@Shanghai Red : agree with you
Block user
2014-02-25 17:16:54  Shanghai Red  (guild knight)  -  rated (ok feet)
Hello sterne!
No way....if I were to place a bet on this I'd gamble and say she's a 7.5 or most likely an 8 shoe size.
Block user
2014-02-25 17:00:39sterne  (trusted uploader)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
13 US are shoe size: is it correct?
Block user