As requested, here are all YouTube videos posted on wikiFeet's walls.

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Melisa Pamuk
Posted by Leonardo666 on 2021-01-23 10:36:49
Mayrín Villanueva
from amigas y rivales
Posted by fancinderella on 2021-01-23 08:33:39
Sofi Pashali
Sofi Pasxali barefeet on couch
Posted by axams on 2021-01-23 04:02:49
Yoseline Hoffman
Posted by MrCat on 2021-01-22 15:32:47
Jen Hilman
Barefoot Completely Throughout
Go To Around 58:19
You'd Think A Ghost Is Tickling Her Feet lol
Posted by IASF92 on 2021-01-22 15:07:35
Tara Lassiter
Posted by Ditto on 2021-01-22 07:10:03
Jennifer Vivero
Posted by Ditto on 2021-01-22 06:58:36
Sara Dastjani
Posted by RandonGuy2 on 2021-01-21 22:52:47
Sara Dastjani
Posted by RandonGuy2 on 2021-01-21 22:47:21
Feet at 0:14, 11:09 & the video's thumbnail (Thanks @otaku99 for the uploads!)

Q&A time!
Q: 0:32 "Leaked feet pictures"
A: Aki, if there's a picture that they took of your Patreon, or site with a Paywall, please tell us about it, so we can remove those pictures.

Q: 3:06 "I have no one is making a profit out of this."
A: This site is monetized by ads, but there's no paywall in it.

Q: 9:26 "Voice acting credits"
A: The owner of the site treats the IMDb credits very seriously, so much so that he banned a previous and older page that was created with only YouTube credits. (Now both IMDb and wikiFeet page are merged together, but the pictures were from someone else with a tattoo on her foot.)

Q: "Who spends time looking through all my videos?"
A: 80~ish% me until now. I think i've started going through all of your videos after i've watched "THE FUJOSHI" video.

To the new visitors: Please avoid making sexually explicit comments. It's not allowed.
Posted by RandonGuy2 on 2021-01-21 17:48:31
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