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Cristine Rotenberg
Cristine reacting to Wikifeet page.
Posted by Ditto on 2021-12-18 00:08:21
Juliana Silveira (I)
Scene from "Tá Tudo em Casa"
Posted by Strada on 2021-12-17 14:05:08
Cindy Kimberly
3:50, she talks about this page, apparently she likes feet. She also shows them off.
Posted by StiltMan on 2021-12-17 03:45:20
Shilpa Shetty Kundra
Women cast members of Celebrity Big Brother making fun of Shilpa's big feet and long toes.

BTW, I think Shilpa won the show that year.
Posted by Solebro on 2021-12-16 08:11:21
Rachel Boesing
Rachel demonstrates with her foot, includes closeups: 1:45, 2:41
Posted by Rick N Roll on 2021-12-15 22:13:25
Rachel Boesing
An excellent demo of the Salon step by Rachel Boesing, including quality closeups.
Posted by Chumpyman on 2021-12-15 22:00:47
I'll just let this video speak for itself.
Posted by sp1d3rm0n on 2021-12-15 19:06:38
Mao Asada
figure skater's feet
Posted by takelir on 2021-12-15 17:05:05
Haley Reinhart
Haley on the "Take Your Shoes Off" podcast.
So basically an hour and 45 minutes of Haley's nylon feet crossed in her lap, if that's your thing.
Luckily this is very much my thing. :)

Note: best enjoyed on 'mute' as the host does most of the talking.
I can't be too harsh on him though, since he orchestrated shoeless Haley in HD!
Posted by crowjester on 2021-12-15 08:44:58
Zoe Brown
Day at the spa
Posted by zbfootfan on 2021-12-15 03:09:39
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