Changes due to the EU Copyright Directive

Bad news. On June 7th, 2021, the EU Copyright Directive has come into effect. One of its acticles, Article 17, basically says that I as the site owner will be held accountable for any copyrighted content that is uploaded illegally to the site. Since there is no way for any small organization to know who owns the copyrights to uploaded photos, let alone track them down and gain approval for each individual upload, I have no choice but to block all access to the photos from the EU countries. I honestly believe this new directive doesn’t make sense, and it’s only a matter of time until they change it or at least provide tools for people like me to be able to comply, because as it stands, this rule effectively kills all small to medium collaborative websites. I'm from the EU, What can I do? Option 1. Keep visiting wikiFeet. In the near future I’m going to give more weight to YouTube videos on the site, since those are still allowed (or at least Google’s responsibility). Option 2. my.wikiFeet We have a new platform in which women can post photos of their own feet. Since all uploads are made by the models themselves we should have no issues with copyrights. Feel free to check it out if you haven't already. Option 3. Fight this..?? A petition? A (legal) loophole? I will keep looking for solutions, if you have anything to offer, please feel free to contact me via the site’s ‘contact us’ section.
2021-07-24 update I have an idea regarding the EU copyright act

There's no reason why visitors from the EU should suffer because of poor govenment choices.
We are a large community with a common interest, together we have the power to help our brothers from the EU get their daily dose of foot candy :)
I'm working on a new UI which will support a "verified" seal for each individual photo.
Any photo that can be cleared in terms of copyrights with its owner, will become visible to EU countries.
Feel free to contact me with your thoughts, and follow our twitter feed for updates.

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