Saxon Sharbino

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Shoe Size: 7.5 US edit
Birthplace: United States edit
Birth Date: 1999-06-11 edit
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 (beautiful feet)
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User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 05/2015
2021-12-23 18:41:49
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 05/2015
2021-12-23 18:40:12
The greatest shoes I've ever NOT seen. :) A woman who isn't afraid at all to show her feet. You've got to love it.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 03/2020
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛2
2021-04-25 20:13:10
Simply fantastic!
Member since 05/2016
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛18
2020-11-07 02:21:30
Barefoot the whole video
Steven G Mangerian
Member since 06/2013
2020-10-23 16:59:59
Knock down drop dead gorgeous with beautiful feet soles and toes
Ye Olde Doc
Member since 08/2019
High Knight (Level 5)Trusted Uploader♛69
2020-10-23 17:24:06
She is all that but feet are less than elite. Often happens. Not bad or ugly feet but not on par to rest
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 07/2018
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)♛3
2020-08-11 18:27:01
Jaw dropping.
Member since 04/2020
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛32
2020-05-18 07:33:31
Very nice view, awesome angle, great picture. Love those toes. Legs that go on and on.
Member since 01/2014
2020-05-18 07:00:24
Love the girl next door thing going here
Member since 01/2020
2020-01-21 17:28:34
Where's her sister is page?
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 03/2016
2020-01-21 17:32:32

User rated ★★(bad feet)
Member since 02/2013
2020-01-22 19:39:40
not anymore
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 11/2018
2018-12-27 18:44:26
Beautiful girl. And interesting name. And her feet are very nice, IMO.
User rated ★(ugly feet)
Member since 06/2012
2018-01-04 13:40:59
Gnarly. Did she paint her toenails yellow? A shame because she has a pretty face and a smoking body. she's also quite lazy with repainting her toenails.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 11/2018
2018-12-27 18:43:18
Is the color of her toenails the only reason you rated her feet ugly? The people here are so nitpicky sometimes...

I really hope that is paint on her toenails, though.
Member since 12/2009
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)♛1
2017-09-20 23:23:32
Did you hear what she did to Alex Trimboli?

If you don't know what I'm talking about watch American Vanda.

So worth it.
Member since 06/2014
2018-04-07 03:17:41
what she do?
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
hugo jaxon
Member since 07/2016
2018-09-22 16:43:14
Alex trimboli is a liar
Member since 10/2010
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛1
2018-06-12 18:13:47
Interesting yoga
User rated ★★★★(nice feet)
Agony of DaFeet
Member since 02/2013
2018-06-13 20:19:30
Cool clip.

User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 03/2017
Guild Knight (Level 4)♛40
Reported: Underage
2017-09-09 13:34:17
Sexy, love em!
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 12/2009
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)
2017-02-28 18:26:17
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 02/2017
Reported: Underage
2017-02-28 04:11:14
she is 17 now, and 18 this year so i wish it was ok!
Sexy Larry
Member since 08/2015
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛2
2015-10-10 04:46:34
It isn't fair!!!!!
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
footsiefoot reborn
Member since 03/2015
High Knight (Level 5)Trusted Uploader♛74
2015-10-10 04:52:44
Why was her gallery emptied?
Member since 05/2013
Guild Knight (Level 4)Trusted Uploader♛20
2015-10-10 04:54:44
@footsie- Underage.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
footsiefoot reborn
Member since 03/2015
High Knight (Level 5)Trusted Uploader♛74
2015-10-10 05:00:40
:O thx! II might have known that. I've been here before it seems I should scroll down the comments more often.
Member since 05/2012
2016-12-17 11:37:00
She is 17 y.o. until 11 July 2017
Member since 06/2014
2017-01-05 10:05:22
born June 11, 1999. she's good here now that it is 2017
Member since 09/2016
Guild Knight (Level 4)♛31
2016-10-13 05:59:26
Pics in this gallery are the latest from 2014. All underage.
Kawen Mr Jeyt
Member since 01/2014
High Knight (Level 5)Trusted Uploader♛44
2015-05-01 07:47:04
Born June 11, 1999, so underage. Gallery must be locked till 2017
User rated ★★★(ok feet)
Member since 12/2009
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)♛1
2015-07-19 21:04:08
It's a celebrity feet site, I'm pretty sure it's no nude pictures of her. So what's the problem??!!
Member since 09/2010
Guild Knight (Level 4)Trusted UploaderModerator♛66
2015-07-19 21:19:17
The problem is, the Admin/Owner has a site rule:

â–ºUploading pictures of celebs wherein they're younger than 17 is not allowed. Please report such pictures as "Underage". Do not unreport such pictures, or you will get banned.

Further, the 'unwritten' rule is January 1 *after* their 17th birthday. There are two reasons for that, one of them being to allow time for pictures taken *after* age 17 to surface. The other is the *flood* of underage that happens anyway when these 'new girls' are unlocked each January 1.

Technically, you are correct... it's not a porn or fetish site, so *legally* there is nothing wrong. It's just a matter of decorum and good taste to set an age limit, and we already have enough creepy old ephebophiliacs here perving out on teenagers who are two or three decades their junior and younger than their own daughters, which is kinda sick, don't you think?
Member since 07/2015
2015-07-19 21:36:20
It's weird how the owner says this isn't a sexualized site yet is picky about age limit. (btw, I'm not for this gallery being here. 1999 is too young. I like older women but the dichotomy in owners vision of his site is interesting.
Member since 09/2010
Guild Knight (Level 4)Trusted UploaderModerator♛66
2015-07-19 21:38:11
@OH BABY- Don't get me started. Let's just say he's a 'complex personality.' Same guy who wants all the transgender galleries here with *no* flags or warnings.
Member since 10/2012
High Knight (Level 5)Trusted UploaderModerator♛83
2015-07-19 21:40:08
Confirmed as ua.
Member since 01/2012
2015-09-13 01:10:54
The easy solution is - someone start another wiki. I upload about 10,000 images a week to this site, under the priviso that this isn't sexualised fetishism; if transgender galleries aren't allowed to even be flagged as transgender yet the difference between 17 yo and 17 and 1 month is a ban or not a ban then there's something wrong with the rules of this site and they are NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE USERS WISHES. Therefore we vote with our feet. Someone start the open wiki feet project, no rules, no moderators, no egofagging stupidity, just a normal one click wiki install like this joint is. 'If you build it they will come'
Member since 06/2014
2015-08-08 08:04:19
So we cant have pics of her because she's 16 but we can have transfolk?
Makes sense.
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