Maria Grazia Cucinotta

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Shoe Size: 9 US edit
Birthplace: Italy edit
Birth Date: 1968-07-27 edit
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User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 10/2011
2014-02-25 03:16:55
She is a goddess, sexy legs with a killer body, gotta love her.
Although, not too many photos on her feet though, but her long slender legs made up for it.
Member since 12/2020
2021-04-18 05:33:28
I totally agree. I wish there were more closeups of her feet, preferably without shoes, but the rest of her is beautiful to look at also. Overally, a total package.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 11/2020
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)♛1
2021-01-13 22:45:12
In the "World Sexy Bunions Dream Team", Cucinotta deserves to be captain.
User rated ★★★(ok feet)
Member since 02/2015
2021-04-16 18:17:53
Absolutely! Love her face and legs but her feet are pretty bad because of huge bunions. In most of the pics, however, she manages to hide them and some less experinced call that "arch".
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Ye Olde Doc
Member since 08/2019
Guild Knight (Level 4)Trusted Uploader♛59
2021-01-13 23:11:47
So I was looking to demote her rating based on the "bunion" report... but instead I see a deep arch curve, long toes and natural foot curves. No bunion. I do understand that some here see bunions everywhere they see a long toes and a joint and even normal inner curves. So no "bunion", no demotion.
Member since 04/2014
2021-04-08 17:22:58
She just knows angles to make them appear less visible. Check out the beach pics for a clear shot of them.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 10/2018
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛98
2019-09-21 04:22:32
This is every bit of sexi!!
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 09/2012
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛8
2020-02-05 11:31:25
wow, awesome soles!
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 11/2020
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)♛1
2020-12-07 02:44:35
Italian Goddess
User rated ★★★★(nice feet)
Member since 05/2015
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛20
2020-12-07 03:05:11
such awesome curves, valleys and lush bush, on the mountain in the background...Of course she is even more stunning. What a beautiful woman!
Member since 04/2020
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛27
2020-09-23 07:38:27
Ravishingly look. Gorgeous lips, her hair is marvelous. Lovely legs and pretty feet.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 09/2020
2020-09-23 07:24:31
She was in the James Bond, yes? What film? I like the beautiful italians Bond girls with all the beautiful feet!
Member since 01/2020
2020-01-17 07:12:50
A beautiful woman, but her feet have probably suffered abuse from the wrong shoes.
Mr. Me
Member since 07/2011
2019-07-18 23:14:52
Awesome cover.
Member since 06/2017
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)
2017-09-05 03:38:30
If these are "big bunions" Ido not know what the real definition of "bunions" is.
This lady has very elegant feet and I really do not see "bunions"
Mr. Me
Member since 07/2011
2019-07-15 15:47:17
Take a closer look at her right foot.
Mr. Me
Member since 07/2011
2019-07-07 10:03:05
Calla Shoes might be her thing.
Member since 06/2019
2019-06-24 13:12:51
Questi sarebbero piedi da voto massimo. Le unghie e le dita perfette, ma quell'evidente valgismo porta sicuramente ad abbassare il giudizio.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 03/2017
Guild Knight (Level 4)♛40
2017-11-26 12:41:41
Member since 09/2016
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛16
2017-09-12 04:03:27
Born in 1968, not 1978.
User rated ★★★★(nice feet)
Member since 02/2010
2016-07-17 23:09:45
She's got a pair of big bunions but I love them.I think
her feet are so sexi....
User rated ★★★★(nice feet)
Member since 05/2012
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛50
2017-02-10 22:38:38
Look good here
User rated ★★★★(nice feet)
Member since 05/2012
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛50
2014-04-11 02:12:49
@Cybereyes spot on - and along with C Hendricks and a few others are either in denial or stupid. Surely by continuing to wear tight, ill-fitting high heels they merely worsen the problem. And yes, a gorgeous babe from the ankles up
User rated ★★(bad feet)
Member since 02/2014
Guild Knight (Level 4)Trusted Uploader♛7
2015-12-19 13:32:40
Beautiful woman, huge bunions. She should call Marcia Gay Harden and get the name of her foot doctor and book surgery ASAP.
piede sano
Member since 07/2014
2014-09-25 01:42:27
A really impressive photo showing Maria Grazia, one of the most marvellous stars of Italian and international cinema, relaxing her feet at the beach. Her bunions must be aching so much in stylish heels and she urgently needs to wear Birkenstock Gizeh, otherwise her feet will be completely crippled soon.
Member since 09/2010
Guild Knight (Level 4)Trusted UploaderModerator♛66
2014-09-25 02:24:37
Maybe she just enjoys walking barefoot in the sand, or doesn't want the heels or her expensive shoes sinking into wet sand. Walking barefoot on sand was supposedly the inspiration for the original 'negative heel' Kalso Earth Shoes... more of the fugliest footwear on... uh.. EARTH, and possibly worse than Birkies.
Member since 09/2010
Guild Knight (Level 4)Trusted UploaderModerator♛66
2014-09-25 03:15:02
I'm thinking it's too late for even Birkies to save her. Sadly I made the mistake of enlarging that picture. Her right foot looks like one of the feet on the Apollo Lunar Module, or a giant gecko's. Awful!
Member since 05/2013
Guild Knight (Level 4)Trusted Uploader♛20
2014-09-25 04:11:35
@BIB I'm beginning to think its not Birkenstocks he's into. It's bunions. Seriously . Bunions.
User rated ★★(bad feet)
Member since 06/2014
2015-11-15 16:11:34
Those feet are gone, you can tell they where nice at one point but she screwed them up.
Member since 09/2015
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)
2015-12-19 13:23:32
I'm waiting for Barefeet to come back into style.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 06/2011
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)
2015-10-31 04:21:38
My Dream to live off of these: Long, Shapely & Scrumpcios Pies..... Simply Delicious
User rated ★(ugly feet)
Member since 03/2013
2014-04-11 00:54:46
This poor girl has spent a life time in heels and her feet show it. Horrific hammer toes and bunions. Its sad really. An extremely gorgeous woman totally ruined by some monkey feet.
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