Amber Stevens West

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Shoe Size: 7 US edit
Nationality: United States edit
Birth Date: 1986-10-07 edit
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 (gorgeous feet)
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User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Emma Stones Slave
Member since 12/2017
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛3
2018-01-26 09:39:23
Her feet are pretty much perfect. I love her toes.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Hot 4 Blue
Member since 07/2010
2018-09-30 14:19:01
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Hot 4 Blue
Member since 07/2010
2018-10-08 22:42:39
I love her feet. She is on a new show called Happy Together .... beautiful black actresses I have ever seen with some of the most beautiful feet I've ever seen and all they have her wearing our socks all the time unbelievable!
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 07/2018
2018-07-14 09:29:21
This verse I'll say to you is worth,
More if you comprehend it first,
A million votes I did disburse,
For all to praise you, as finest on earth
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Hot 4 Blue
Member since 07/2010
2018-09-30 14:17:56
By far ...Best and Amazing pic of her feet.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 05/2018
2018-09-11 13:38:50
new sitcom starring the best feet in the business starting 10/1/18
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 01/2012
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛10
2018-09-07 11:49:48
Well... Hello.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 03/2017
Guild Knight (Level 4)♛14
2018-09-07 09:45:42
Need more like this! :)
User rated ★★★★(nice feet)
Member since 09/2014
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)
2018-01-19 00:57:41
WikiFeet is a great site. This woman winning proves that diversity is our strength. If you disagree you are a racist bigot individual.
User rated ★(ugly feet)
Member since 01/2018
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)♛2
2018-07-11 06:19:02
Color of skin has nothing to do with it; there are much better black, white, red, brown and yellow feet here. I do find the circumstances of her out-of-nowhere win suspicious.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 09/2016
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛1
2018-07-11 06:52:42
Lmao I know that's a troll comment.
Windows 2 The Sole
Member since 09/2014
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛2
2018-01-21 11:39:39
I miss my friends LickerofCheese, ProfessorChaos, Bong McPuffin, Chode, BunionLicker, FootCritic and even that fool Grik. Toothpick Torture, I know you're still here so I don't want to get you in trouble, but I miss the good old days when we could display our passions openly, instead of hiding in the shadows.

Her feet are symmetrical and aesthetic.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 05/2012
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛29
2018-01-31 01:51:04
Old Fool Grik still here. I miss those dudes as well
User rated ★★★★(nice feet)
Member since 05/2010
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛1
2018-02-10 07:09:33
FootCritic.. I had completely forgotten about that guy but I remember hin now. He was on like every single celebrity's page. I don't remember any of the others even though I've been around for a while myself
User rated ★(ugly feet)
Feet Are Life
Member since 09/2017
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛8
2018-04-18 00:50:05
My Dear Windows 2 The Sole, I have some passions on this feet I would like to share with you. It involves the "big shoes" technique and the puffers manifesto.
Member since 12/2015
2018-05-11 20:17:09
No excuse for the disgusting dry and scaly big toes. Ugh there’s nothing worse than a woman who looks like her feet belong on a corpse. I guess I have a very high standard due to my wife doing a daily pumice stone scrub and lotion. Literally her feet are as soft as a baby’s bottom so unless women have feet that look brand new, I get disgusted and turned off very easily. That big toe makes me want to puke.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 03/2018
2018-04-17 23:15:13
Seriously stunning feet , she deserves the feet of the year award and i'm glad i know about her now :D perfect shape and color , great toes and beautiful soles ... aaaaand she's a hottie :D
User rated ★★★★(nice feet)
Master Feetster
Member since 08/2017
2018-03-06 18:30:03
Imo her feet are good, and that's pretty much it. Not feet of the year material.
Member since 01/2016
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)♛8
2018-03-06 19:47:17
Maybe true.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 11/2016
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛1
2018-02-16 07:36:59
Beautiful from the top of her head down to her perfect toes
User rated ★★★★(nice feet)
Member since 09/2016
2018-02-01 12:24:59
Nice feet...but not "feet of the Year". There are far superior toes out there.
Member since 12/2017
2018-01-26 09:55:27
I think her win was more than deserved.
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 05/2012
Experienced Guilder (Level 2)♛29
2018-01-31 01:51:22
There are a thousand more superior feet here
User rated ★★★(ok feet)
Member since 01/2018
2018-01-31 01:10:04
Not the biggest fan of her toe nails tbh, but gorgeous girl!
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
Member since 02/2012
2018-01-21 00:56:38
Pale feet are overrated...a pretty face can't overcome blotchy,red and blue vein feet...therefore I have NO problem with these feet as best on site...besides pale I love all others, but just slightly darker than hers are PERFECT
Member since 07/2017
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)
2018-01-17 08:10:44
Have no idea who the hell she is but damn, those are gorgeous toes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Member since 12/2014
2018-01-16 05:22:08
Hers are good and all, better than good actually, but do yourselves a favor and check on Anastasiya Shcheglova's, those are stellar.
Love Her Feet
Member since 02/2014
2018-01-13 23:46:44
Love that a lady of color took Feet of the Year. I love ebony feet.
User rated ★★★★(nice feet)
Member since 12/2013
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)
2018-01-13 04:54:06
Sweet..!!! 😋😋
Member since 01/2018
2018-01-10 10:42:17
Great pick for FotY my son in law was watching 23 jump street ? over the holidays she’s great in that as well
User rated ★★★(ok feet)
Member since 06/2017
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)
2018-01-03 15:23:00
BackInBlack60 ,thanks for your explenation. BUT now there is a big question rising: why the back of the heel do not count ???
I ask this because this part of the foot is essential for the total shape and view on the female feet.
It is formed by the heelbone in combination with the tendon and from my -and many oth"ers- point of view this is "key"
E.G.: Vicoria Sylvstedt,Charlize Theron, Claudia Shiffer and last but not least Candice Swanepoel
Member since 09/2010
Guild Knight (Level 4)Trusted UploaderModerator♛50
2018-01-03 15:37:03
"Not my site; not my rule."
Use the 'Contact Us' button, upper left, e-mail [email protected], or send a private message to Creator and ask Eli, the Admin/Owner/Webmaster.

We've run two Guild polls on it. Last time, Eli told the guy to take down the poll, and stated outright "Heels are OUT" (though he clarified that the bottom of the heel is obviously part of the sole, so counts as visible 'sole')
feets of strength
Member since 04/2013
Trusted Uploader♛15
2018-01-03 15:40:57
There are many of us that find the heel quite desirable and wish wikifeet would expand from just toes, soles, and arches. There was a poll last year and most people voted for the inclusion of the heel but nothing came of it. Many feel toe cleavage should be included as well, but as of now, wikifeet only includes a limited portion of the foot.
Member since 05/2011
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛2
2018-01-03 16:02:44
I was thinking toe cleavage was acceptable for ok'ing photos...?
User rated ★★★(ok feet)
Member since 01/2013
2018-01-04 16:31:38
feet shape is less important than toes (big toe especially) and nail shape! Feet could have a nice arch but if big toe nail is wide,ugly,toes not in row with 2nd way too long then arches don't matter at all! Also size of feet matters - long,big feet are just awful. Small, petite,slim feet always win
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
feets of strength
Member since 04/2013
Trusted Uploader♛15
2018-01-04 16:56:21
@str76 I am sure you have found there are as many preferences as their are members of wikifeet and each is vehemently convinced they are right. There are folks who only care only about toes and those who only care about souls. There are those who are attracted to tortured feet and bunions, and others who like them soft and pristine. There are many, myself not included, who would give passionate arguments for big feet. We are a diverse community in that way.
Member since 03/2014
Devoted Guilder (Level 3)♛9
2018-01-04 17:15:32
opinions like armpits, every one have a couple y usual stinky¡¡
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
feets of strength
Member since 04/2013
Trusted Uploader♛15
2018-01-04 17:25:37
Great wisdom, Monty
User rated ★★★(ok feet)
Member since 06/2017
Rookie Guilder (Level 1)
2018-01-07 15:44:13
Hi "fets of strenghts ": I contacted Eli and he is positive in re-openeing the topic of heels but specific the BACK of the heel.As you know I (and many more) find this one of the most essential parts of womans feet. The BACK of the heel should be defined as: the part where tendon meets heelbone( calcaneus). The aspects on which we can judge are : straight or round heels, flawlessness of the skin ; strenght and length of the tendon and last but not least the angle that the heel makes with the sole. Good examples of beautiful heels : Vicoria Sylvstedt,Charlize Theron, Claudia Shiffer and last but not least Candice Swanepoel
User rated ★★★★★(beautiful feet)
feets of strength
Member since 04/2013
Trusted Uploader♛15
2018-01-07 23:22:08
Expanding the criteria would make the site essential to all foot enthusiasts not just those who prefer sole and toes. It could make the reporting of NFS less absurd.
User rated ★★★(ok feet)
Member since 07/2010
2018-01-08 16:11:50
The back of the heel count, the thickness of the heel counts, the thickness of the soles count, the height of the arch counts, the extension of the toes count (not a fan of toes the tip over too much at the tip like this Amber Stevens person), the width of the foot counts (I prefer slightly wide), the shape and contours of the foot counts, the way she walks count (pigeon toes are kinda lame). IT ALL COUNTS! Who says the back of the heel doesn't count?
User rated ★★★(ok feet)
Member since 07/2010
2018-01-08 16:15:49
str76... judging from the profile pic, I already see why you think that the shape of the foot isn't as important as the toes. I disagree, OBVIOUSLY. But I just think they're equally important. In fact, the shape is a smidgen more important than the toes to me.
Member since 05/2017
2018-01-10 00:46:03
Careful, you don't want to offend the folks down at WikiPits.
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