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Toni Tennille

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Shoe Size: [NOT SET] edit
Nationality: United States edit
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 (beautiful feet)
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2016-03-17 15:02:31Geezer G  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
I had the hots for Toni back when their TV show was on. Maybe now that she's no longer hooked up with Captain Dull...
Blacklist user
SlimJim  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)2016-03-17 15:15:23
Now that she's a respectable 75.
Blacklist user
2015-06-17 18:27:46  BackInBlack60  (guild knight)  -  rated (nice feet)

<== Here ya go, maaaaaaaaan. ==>

Sadly, love did not keep them together.
Blacklist user
Kranz  (user)2015-06-17 19:00:58
Noice! I don't remember her being so sexy.
Blacklist user
2014-03-10 03:14:16  BackInBlack60  (guild knight)  -  rated (nice feet)
@Grik, don't think so, but he does have a 'Freddy Mercury' look about him, or like an extra Village People sailor. Or perhaps like a 70s ̶p̶o̶r̶n̶ ̶s̶t̶a̶r̶ adult entertainer. The "Captain" nickname came from jackass Beach Boy cousin Mike ̶L̶o̶v̶e̶ Hate. We used to call them "The Captain & Toenail" at the time. Which brings us full circle--->
Blacklist user
2014-03-10 03:02:57Grik  (user)
she was tall, sexy, great mouth, and lovely feet. He always looked gay to me.
Blacklist user
2014-03-10 01:42:13  BackInBlack60  (guild knight)
Happened to catch her as a guest star with the Brady Bunch dad today on "The Love Boat," and she was quite pretty back in the day, though amazingly flat-chested.

Still cannot believe they didn't Keep their Love Warm--->
and Love didn't Keep Them Together. I'd have thought after all those years, being 73 & 71 and retired in AZ, they were almost to the finish line. Daryl said it caught him entirely flat-footed too. Yeah, been there, done that.
Blacklist user