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Marcia Gay Harden

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Shoe Size: 9 US edit
Nationality: United States edit
Rating stats (244 total votes)

 (nice feet)
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more info4 pictures were removed from this gallery.

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2015-07-29 06:50:32ScratchandSniff  (user)
That Bunion hurts me but she does have nice feet. Pretty face too
Blacklist user
2015-06-12 12:28:30GEMINISTALLION74  (user)
Was a time when this woman was the absolute poster child for HAMMERTOE:... Not sure cannot prove but looks like she had some serious corrective surgery.... Way to go girl and P.S. you rock that leather look.
Blacklist user
Elway  (user)  -  rated (nice feet)2015-06-22 02:26:27
@GS74, I've made several comments on this wall and others on Marcia's foot surgery. http://pics.wikifeet.com/Marcia-Gay-Harden-Feet-1242091.jpg shows her on the set of The Newsroon recoverying from that surgery; look closely at the bandages on her left foot. She is certainly the poster-girl for corrective foot surgery. Amy Adams, Christina Hendricks, et al should heed her example.
Blacklist user
2015-04-20 00:03:44Elway  (user)  -  rated (nice feet)
Look at both feet! Bunion free! A beautiful site.
Blacklist user
2015-03-31 03:32:30HaMMerToE  (user)
Ouch!!! But she still has some MILF qualities on her
Blacklist user
Elway  (user)  -  rated (nice feet)2015-04-10 02:01:46
This picture is before her bunion surgery.
Blacklist user
2015-02-19 13:43:46Elway  (user)  -  rated (nice feet)
Look at her feet especially her left foot; bunion free. Take note Amy Adams you can get them fixed.
Blacklist user
2014-12-01 02:39:26Family Destroyer  (user)
She should wear wooden clogs from now on!
Blacklist user
2014-12-01 02:25:02piede sano  (user)
Marcia should try to wear Birkenstocks as often as possible now !! Otherwise, the bunions will come back !!

Blacklist user
2014-12-01 02:22:47piede sano  (user)
Ouch, aching bunions !
Blacklist user
2014-10-05 06:51:06Underherfeet  (user)  -  rated (bad feet)
Since training in martial arts, I began to forgive bunyons on women's feet. They tend to look just fine when a woman's foot is flat against the floor/ground beneath her. Like the shots of Harden walking on the beach barefoot, you can tell her feet are overall sexy despite the humongous bunyon. I may change my rating, something I seemed to have had for some years now.
Blacklist user
2014-04-28 20:04:31warpedmind  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Didn't know about any bunions, but in this shot she looks great; feet very sexy in heels...
Blacklist user
2014-02-22 00:39:01  BackInBlack60  (guild knight)
@54 - Yes, you can have them shortened and have hammertoes fixed. I need to do both, but I've heard the surgery hurts like hell. I think it involves breaking and resetting them, and sometimes cutting out part of the bone. Ouch! Someone in college told me I could flip someone the bird with my middle toe! :(
Blacklist user
2014-02-21 22:51:0454  (user)
There's no surgery that can help Amy Adams grow a longer big toe or shorten the others (that I'm aware of). LOL
Blacklist user
2014-02-21 22:37:41  BackInBlack60  (guild knight)
@Elway - If only the surgery had gone as well for Victoria Beckham. If only Amy Adams and a few others would go get this done!
Blacklist user
2014-02-21 19:47:52Elway  (user)  -  rated (nice feet)
This picture of Marcia was taken on November 19th 2013. She's gone through some major changes in the last couple of years. She's recently divorced, she lost some weight, and is now fully recovered from her bunion surgery. Marcia's looking really good!

People on this site are going to have revaluate their rating.
Blacklist user
2014-02-16 07:48:46Elway  (user)  -  rated (nice feet)
Here is Marcia recovering from foot surgery. Her bunions are now gone!
Blacklist user