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Kristina Uhrinová

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Shoe Size: 7 US edit
Nationality: Czech Republic edit
Rating stats (111 total votes)

 (beautiful feet)
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more info44 pictures were removed from this gallery.

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2014-05-03 19:05:38  tweety  (guild knight)
@ BiB60 LMFAO!!!! :)
Block user
2014-05-03 18:53:05BackInBlack60  (user)  -  rated (nice feet)
@tweety> "I think I'll wait till a good douche is introduced."

Plenty of them around here, and the container they came in. It already smells like a Summer's Eve around here far too often!
Block user
2014-05-03 18:38:55Iluvfeet  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
@GS74 - Lol. Touché.
Block user
2014-05-03 18:38:09  tweety  (guild knight)
@Gemini 74 "sand trap" and "OUCH" yup I think I'll wait till a good douch is introduced :)
Block user
2014-05-03 18:32:17GEMINISTALLION74  (user)
Block user
2014-05-03 18:30:15Iluvfeet  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
@GS74 - " MY FIRM BUTTOCKS" no one here wants to know about your butt, firm or otherwise.
Block user
2014-05-03 18:25:43GEMINISTALLION74  (user)
Damn BNB60: I just read your sand trap statement and this time understood. Man I hope she empties it out can you imagine being second behind that. OUCH
Block user
2014-05-03 18:23:12GEMINISTALLION74  (user)
@bnb60: Not complaining myself shoulda known sumpin was up. Mine started in a gym closet. To this day if somebody say's, "The rest of ya'll take a nap" I start lookin for a tall blonde Nordic lady.
Block user
2014-05-03 18:13:23BackInBlack60  (user)  -  rated (nice feet)
@GS74- Me too. Red bathing suit. BEAUTIFUL girl, probably out of my league. And I was so naïve I *actually* (really, guys, I'm serious) believed her when she said, "Let's go back in your bedroom... just to smooch!" Not that I'm complaining about the outcome of that adventure, you understand...
Block user
2014-05-03 18:07:41GEMINISTALLION74  (user)
@BNB60: I not complaining, just informing, seen it before, Let myself get takin a couple of times
Block user
2014-05-03 18:05:46BackInBlack60  (user)  -  rated (nice feet)
@GS74> "That's a MAN TRAP. Set Baited and waiting to see what falls in."

Or maybe it was just a SAND TRAP and she's just emptying it out??? Call it naïveté, but I always like to think the best of people and give the benefit of the doubt. Especially to nice girls like this!-->

Oh, and for the record, that's #363717, maybe in @Toe's collection for his PF room?
Block user
2014-05-03 17:54:20GEMINISTALLION74  (user)
ADULT CONTENT MY FIRM BUTTOCKS: That's a MAN TRAP. Set Baited and waiting to see what falls in.
Block user
2014-05-03 17:45:48BackInBlack60  (user)  -  rated (nice feet)
@Rex, @Grik- I'm only on a 17" screen; is the issue merely that pulling down on that with it so open is a 'suggestive pose,' or is this pilot seeing a little bit of the landing strip there between the marker beacons?
Block user
2014-05-03 16:18:23Anonymous Rex  (trusted uploader)
We'll give it a try then. Reported 363717 for adult content. Do not unreport this picture please.
Block user
2014-05-03 15:55:46BackInBlack60  (user)  -  rated (nice feet)
@Grik> "And like a good Grik I'll be right behind you ready for action!"

Wow. That just sounds *wrong,* especially in light of your 'threesome/more the merrier' comment once. Sure hope @Toe is 'Ready for Grik!' LMAO.

Yeah, yeah... 'verballing' again. Found out that is primarily an Aussie coinage, which is why I was unfamiliar with the term. It was first used in the SMH (Syndney Morning Herald, not Smacking My Head, although both apply equally here!)
Block user
2014-05-03 15:48:47Grik  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
And like a good Grik I'll be right behind you ready for action!
Block user
2014-05-03 15:14:54Toe  (user)
@BIB Or I wasn't the photographer. Just hook me up when her friends show up please.
Block user
2014-05-03 14:31:07BackInBlack60  (user)
@A-Rex, @Grik- I'm not 100% sure that's correct. I believe one can still report pics in a locked gallery and they will eventually be removed. If you have a concern about one, report it anyway & see what happens. I have a 'very big concern' over this pic, uploaded by @A-Rex. My concern is that I'm not in that room or the pic wasn't taken in *my* living room, or that I don't have her phone number!--->
Block user
2014-05-03 13:44:37Anonymous Rex  (trusted uploader)
@Grik This is a locked gallery. Reporting anything here is pointless as it will just hang in limbo forever.
Block user
2014-05-03 13:20:23Grik  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Back to business -she's a babe!
Block user
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