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Jolene Blalock

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Shoe Size: 7 US edit
Nationality: United States edit
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 (beautiful feet)
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2014-03-19 02:36:41GEMINISTALLION74  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Hate's right most of these are old but appreciate the effort just the same
Block user
2014-03-18 08:30:44Mr Hate  (trusted uploader)  -  rated (nice feet)
ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I thought I was going to see some new stuff on my favorite Vulcan.
Block user
2014-03-18 07:55:28Pinchy69  (user)
Well BIB I have two others apart from that one, but I haven't heard back yet. They'll either be here when I do....or not, whatever the case may be.
Block user
2014-03-18 02:46:31BackInBlack60  (user)
Wow, @Pinchy, that's HAWT!-->

Guessing the Boss/Creator said OK, and I'm happy!
Block user
2014-03-18 02:44:33BackInBlack60  (user)
@Pop74- That'd get me begging pretty quickly... for something!
Block user
2014-03-18 00:11:10GEMINISTALLION74  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Speaking of begging permission.....does this give you any ideas
Block user
2014-03-16 01:34:09BackInBlack60  (user)
@Pinch- Copy that. In real life, one of my mottoes is, "It's always easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission," but not the case here, especially if you're on parole from the Wikifeet jail.
Block user
2014-03-16 00:40:16Pinchy69  (user)
Thaks BIB, think I'll check with the big boss first. The last time I put one up, not even thinking there was an issue I got booted...rather not go there again.
Block user
2014-03-16 00:17:41BackInBlack60  (user)
@Pinchy69- It's a crap shoot. I've seen some as you describe live her happily for years, and others get shot down in flames. In that this one is a 'real' star and not an adult entertainment actress, you've got a pretty good chance. The Book of Eli states that the suggestive pose or even seductive look of a̶ ̶p̶r̶0̶n̶ ̶s̶t̶a̶r̶ an adult horizontal gymnastics professional will strike fear and lust into the heart of any man much faster than the same from a mere mortal hollywood starlet. And for us to quit b*tching about the double standard. That's all I know 'bout that. Give it a go if they aren't too bad and no naughty bits peeking out, I guess.
Block user
2014-03-15 23:50:20Pinchy69  (user)
Did what I could to help here. Tell me I can put up a few more pics which are great foot shots, but she's either lying on her front with no top on, though nothing sensitive is visible, or she's covering her chest with her hands and arms. These are pro photoshoots, are they likely to get shot down for adult content do you reckon, or not?
Block user
2014-03-15 23:29:34Anonymous Rex  (trusted uploader)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
@Gemini It's my pleasure, Sir. I just wish that I had uploaded them earlier so that someone else's pics would never get reported.
Block user
2014-03-15 22:49:51GEMINISTALLION74  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
@REX: THANKS DUDE BOUT TIME WE GOT SOME MORE PICS FOR THIS ONE: You have made my day Again thnx good sir
Block user
2014-03-15 22:24:11BackInBlack60  (user)
@Rex- Don't knock yourself out! Just thought it/they was/were still handy. Always nice to updgrade a MQ with an HQ, esp. in a gallery with very few pics.
Block user
2014-03-15 21:35:05Anonymous Rex  (trusted uploader)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
@BIB I haven't found the other version of 1271073 yet.
Block user
2014-03-15 21:27:12Anonymous Rex  (trusted uploader)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
@BIB If you want them I will go dig them up.
Block user
2014-03-15 21:06:39BackInBlack60  (user)
@Rex> I've seen the HQ ones but decided not to put them up because they were a little too hazy for my taste.

You and @Hate should consider a happy marriage. C'mon, if you got 'em, show 'em! Gallery is almost empty!

o When deciding whether or not to report a picture as "Poor Quality", keep in mind that sometimes a poor quality picture is better than no picture at all. That goes especially for galleries with very few pictures, or rare finds.
Block user
2014-03-15 21:03:39Anonymous Rex  (trusted uploader)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
@Splycho Those are the low quality versions of those pics. I've seen the HQ ones but decided not to put them up because they were a little too hazy for my taste.
Block user
2014-03-15 20:02:35Grik  (user)
Mayday!!!!! Toes overboard!!!!!
Block user
2014-03-15 20:01:51Grik  (user)
This is hot on many levels, but particularly her gorgeous feet gamoto!!!!
Block user
2014-03-15 17:06:37GEMINISTALLION74  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Still one of my favorite space hottie's (hope she kept the ears)
Block user