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Elisabeth Hasselbeck

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Shoe Size: 8.5 US edit
Nationality: United States edit
Rating stats (586 total votes)

 (beautiful feet)
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2014-04-28 02:13:15oleg4len  (user)
who is this lady on the right? she much uglier but her feet are awesome! much better than Elisabeth!
Block user
feetlover00  (user)2014-06-25 16:26:28
Yep she has great feet. My research tells me her name is Faith Kates Kogan.
Block user
2014-06-25 16:02:44chriswv  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
My ideal woman right here. Pure perfection.
Block user
2014-06-09 13:41:36GEMINISTALLION74  (user)
Block user
2014-06-09 13:12:22gilmourwaters  (user)
Thank god she's gone from legitimate television!
Block user
2014-06-09 10:30:31Key  (trusted uploader)
Block user
2014-05-07 15:30:07  tweety  (guild knight)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
@Templar97 Thank-you. At the time that was my only intent to voice my opinion I didn't think it would cause an uproar and this is one thing I didn't or ever want to do here. I do love her feet though!!!
Block user
2014-05-07 15:23:18Templar97  (user)
@tweety- I don't think you did anything wrong. From what I just read below it looks like you made ONE comment about how you disagree with her political views. Eli clearly states that you should not reject someone's comment just because you disagree with them. An opinion is an opinion, and you have the right to yours. @Restraints just needs to cool of.. smoke a joint, pal. LOL
Block user
2014-05-07 15:14:14  tweety  (guild knight)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
@ALL I should have gone to guild chat instead guess I just got "caught up" in a "moment" and I apologize to anyone I may have offend. I sincerely didn't mean to offend anyone or start a whole raucous. SORRY AGAIN.
Block user
2014-05-07 14:53:06Templar97  (user)
VERY well said, @Toe! I agree 100%.
Block user
2014-05-07 14:35:13Toe  (user)
@Restraints - Thank you. And I tend to agree that we should take it elsewhere at times. One of the reasons I make my home here is that it is like a nice smoking lounge, and I hope it stays that way.

However, I also think it should be possible that a person make be able to slip a quick rant in without retaliation, and more importantly an opportunity for trolls to slip in and start a flame war.

That's the only reason I rejected the post and I imagine the others did too. I don't reject based on opinion, but based on whether or not I think someone else may try and use it to fan the fire. So no censorship dear sir. Just an ounce of prevention. Thanks for your understanding and be sure that if you have a moment with a celeb here, I will make sure it doesn't get shut down either.

This is your space too, and I respect it.
Block user
2014-05-07 13:55:41Restraints  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Yes, Toe, I noticed that when I wrote my post. My anger boiled over and -- have to admit -- I don't apologize. There are plenty of sites to write other things. This site is a guilty pleasure, and I'd like it to stay that way.
Block user
2014-05-07 13:45:12joker999  (trusted uploader)  -  rated (nice feet)
Good Point Mr. Toe.
Block user
2014-05-07 13:39:19Toe  (user)
@Restraints said,

"This could be a great site if we would spew our idiocy someplace else, but it's tough to change the mind of the mindless."

This mod, just noticed the very same pattern in your own post. Just an observation. Thanks for flying WikiFeet!
Block user
2014-05-07 13:34:37joker999  (trusted uploader)  -  rated (nice feet)
Yeah let's keep politics, religion ect ect out of here. Take that crap to cnn.com.
Block user
2014-05-07 13:06:32Seven777  (user)
@Restraints: You're the voice of reason.
Block user
2014-05-05 20:09:56  tweety  (guild knight)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Have to admit I fell in love with her on "Survivor" but when she joined "The View" and opened her mouth lost all respect for her and now on "fox News Channel". I still find her feet and her attractive just her mind I find "ugly" and will always (thumbs in my ears and wriggling fingers with my tongue sticking out giving her the raspberry) will have to admit BEAUTIFUL WOMAN WITH GREAT FEET IMHO JUST AN UGLY MIND!!!
Block user
2014-05-05 19:43:35Revenger  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Barefoot bonus.
Block user
2014-03-15 03:11:17BackInBlack60  (user)
Agree @Legend, @54 - Pretty, but annoying when on a rant. Was hopelessly outnumbered on The View, which only increased her intensity and volume.
Block user
2014-03-15 02:56:31legend00115  (user)
Man 54, I thought I was the only one. I don't care for her either.
Block user
2014-02-15 21:06:5254  (user)
@Feetlust1 All true except for the fact
That although she's very very beautiful
I could NOT listen to her speak for any
Extended period of time. But I do like her.
Block user
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