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Shoe Size: 7.5 US edit
Nationality: United States edit
Rating stats (875 total votes)

 (beautiful feet)
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2014-04-17 17:23:35deadpoet  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Block user
2014-04-15 14:21:19toeloverforever  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
this 1 has to be my fave
Block user
2014-04-15 14:20:55toeloverforever  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
so beautiful !!
Block user
2014-04-15 10:45:47toelover31  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Beautiful... Want to taste and feel....Her soles look so soft.... she may walk all over my face anytime....
Block user
2014-04-14 03:22:34deadpoet  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Love the color
Block user
2014-04-14 01:15:21BackInBlack60  (user)
@McF- I dunno, we've had a lot of mentions from various celebs, just maybe not always in a complimentary way, but you know the old saw often attributed to P.T. Barnum: "I don't care what they say about me, just make sure they spell my name right!"
Block user
2014-04-14 01:04:34footmcfeetish  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
@BIB I remember when this was posted on The Pad, she made an account to confirm the picture is real and to say hi. Something tells me WikiFeet won't ever have a celeb or porn star doing the same thing.
Block user
2014-04-14 00:54:31BackInBlack60  (user)
She needs to do one for WikiFeet too!-->
Block user
2014-04-13 23:59:12deadpoet  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
hey, save some for me ya lil piggy
Block user
2014-04-13 20:52:38TheRealLoverBoy1  (user)
@DP friend 2-3 posts max will work ... and Jay bro it's worth it ;)
Block user
2014-04-13 20:45:19Jay Owen  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
hot lady with the hot feets but you probably get STD just from making eye contact with her
Block user
2014-04-13 20:42:11deadpoet  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Block user
2014-03-31 22:41:08Digby  (user)  -  rated (nice feet)
very cuteā€¦ 4/5
Block user
2014-03-02 21:18:07pidgeon66  (user)  -  rated (nice feet)
@G Belladonna actually does literal aerial acrobatics, the kind where you only use a long piece of fabric to climb into the air and do stunts. There are videos of it on her youtube channel. She's always barefoot when doing the acrobatics too.
Block user
2014-03-02 10:14:57Grik  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Gorgeous feet gamoto!
One of my fave horizontal rhythmic sexually acrobatic performers of all time.
Block user
2013-11-03 00:51:46footmcfeetish  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Block user
2012-07-10 16:18:27MaryseLover  (user)
Great !!
Block user
2011-07-25 12:32:40feetlover  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Adding pictures to it is not possible!?!?

I add videos !!!!!!! :)
Block user
2010-10-27 22:42:18rocketboy  (user)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
Belladonna's feet in the car
Block user
2010-05-03 00:02:22Gregersson  (trusted uploader)  -  rated (beautiful feet)
I'm not exactly into porn stars, but her feet are too good to ignore :P
Block user
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